How to Add a Picture in PowerPoint 2010

There are different ways and methods to add pictures and photos in PowerPoint slides. However, sometimes it is recommended to add a picture using the layout prepared for that purpose. We have learned how to change the PowerPoint layout so we can empower the audience attention, the same happens for pictures and you can prepare your slides to show single pictures in a nice layout.

How to add a picture to a PowerPoint slide

When you click on the Picture icon a new dialog will appear so you can choose the file in your computer.

Find the picture or photo you want to add and once you confirm the file with the image or picture, you will see the image embedded in the PowerPoint slide.

penguin powerpoint template

In this example we can see how we created a penguin PowerPoint template with the penguins image. You can learn how to insert pictures to your slides using PowerPoint and make awesome presentations with premium or free PowerPoint images.