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Last updated on September 25th, 2023

Planet Soho is one of the best web applications that can be utilized by any business to pave the way for a bigger brighter future. The application has been designed in a fashion that allows easy and swift usage and provides the users with a multitude of functions.

The dashboard has been designed in a fashion that allows easy access to all the necessary data. Apart from that, the user can readily generate invoices and pay orders, which are superbly designed and completely editable. The benefit; swift invoicing in a professional and organized manner makes sure that you can cut down on the turnaround time of the payment.

Planet Soho

The application available for iOS offers a number of features that include


The dashboard allows the users to create and edit invoices in a professional manner. One can easily choose from a wide variety of templates and readily edit the it to make them their own. You can also manage invoices, and the invoices thus generated can be saved in order to make sure that they can be used again in case of a recurring order.

Contact Management

The application has a dedicated contact management system. You can easily synchronize your business contacts and keep them in an organized, safe and secure manner. This makes the process efficient than ever and adds to your convenience.

Online Business Card

We all know how important it is to have an online presence, especially for a business. With over 1 million SOHOs in the network, having an online business card with all the necessary details can really make a difference. The application allows users to search for businesses using a number of parameters. An up to date card can make sure that your business is discovered.

Online Store and Inventory Management

Planet Soho allows you to showcase your products and at the same time keep a track of your inventory. The online store feature helps you to generate sales in an effective manner and the automatic inventory report updating system helps you in keeping a track of the quantity of each product in real time.

Planet SOHO can actually help the small scale entrepreneur to grow at an effective rate and create a strong presence in order to make sure that with time the venture can grow in the right direction.

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