Get a Better Handle on Your Spreadsheets with Tickmark Add-in for Excel

While Excel spreadsheets are one of the most widely used tools for gathering, collating, and analyzing data, there are still many who are daunted by it. The seemingly endless expanse of cells and the wide range of formula and features can leave people confused, especially those who are new to Excel. However, even those who are experienced Excel users can experience hassle and confusion when faced with another person’s Excel spreadsheet. This is why there’s a Tickmark add-in for Excel to help you out.

Remove All Markers to Clean Up Your Spreadsheet

Understand and Analyze Spreadsheets with Tickmark

Tickmark is an Excel add-in that allows you to analyze, audit, and explain spreadsheets easier and faster. This add-in was designed specifically for people who regularly get handed in other people’s spreadsheets and have to struggle through putting things together to get a better handle on the data. This Tickmark add-in works just like how you would normally mark a note on paper–by ticking and other marks. The idea is the same.

With the Tickmark add-in, you add different preset tickmark symbols on the spreadsheet. The symbols include popular tickmarks, numbers, letters, and several accounting abbreviations to help you make a better sense of any spreadsheet. These marks can then be customized so you can choose your own colors for a more eye-catching mark that will easily stand out in even the most complex and data-rich spreadsheet. For example, you can add exclamation points, question marks, x marks, numbers, and other marks anywhere on the spreadsheet so you can review the data or double check the information in the cells. Then, if you need to start over, you can easily clean up your spreadsheet to remove the tickmarks with the Remove Ticks button.

Add Tick Icons in Your Spreadsheet

Customize Your Ticks with Your Own Quirks

Tickmark for Excel already has a wide range of symbols and ticks to make you tick, so to speak. However, if any of those symbols won’t cut it, you can create your own. You can create up to 30 personalized Tickmark icons. You can import a picture or icon into your spreadsheet or you can also use Excel shapes and upload them through the Custom Tick Manager.

With these range of built-in and personalized ticks, you can better understand the setup of a strange or new spreadsheet data. You can also use the add-in’s Data Organizer feature to figure out and categorize your spreadsheet data into hardcoded number, formula, off-sheet referencing formula, and formula with a plug. This way, your spreadsheet can make more sense to you and you can better analyze and explain it as well.

Customize Tick Icons

Aside from the Tickmark Function and the Data Organizer, the add-in also allows you to insert hyperlink contents, find plugs in formulas, and many more.

Tickmark for Excel is a great add-in that allows you to extend the functionality of Excel so you can do more and work faster. Great for financial analysts, data managers, and practically anyone who deals with large amounts of data and requires to make sense of the information for troubleshooting, recording, analyzing, and decision-making.

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