Generic Logbook Template For Excel

Whatever industry you are involved in, you may often find the need to keep a logbook. Whether you are in security, airline transportation, maritime transportation, engineering, science, research, or any other field, keeping a logbook is crucial in accomplishing your tasks and succeeding in them. Log books must be maintained consistently and methodically to keep track of the events surrounding you, as well as to keep it as reference.


To help you out with keeping a well-organized logbook that you would always want to write on, you can use this Generic Logbook Template for Excel. This is a very handy template that anyone in any industry or field can use. It can be filled out through the computer or even printed out and filled out by hand. Either way, you can be sure that everything is kept tracked and logged.

The Generic Logbook Template for Excel is your perfect companion for logging everything and anything neatly and chronologically. This template contains a table that neatly separates the Date, Time, and Event into neat columns.


The template already has sample entries to guide you in filling your very own logbook. Just delete these sample entries and type your own events as they happen.


By uploading the template to Microsoft OneDrive or another online service like Dropbox or Google Drive you can share your logbook straight from your phone to your peers, bosses or managers. You can also have your team access the template so you can keep them in the loop with what’s happening as you log the events on your logbook.

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