Free PPT Resources, PowerPoint Users’ Digital Encyclopedia

Free PPT resources is a digital Encyclopedia that you can download for free containing lots of free resources for PowerPoint users.

This Encyclopedia is available in a software package for Windows and once installed in your system you are ready to review the content.

Inside this free Encyclopedia you’ll find a lot of free resources for PowerPoint users, including:

Here is a list of the sections that you can find inside this free PowerPoint encyclopedia.

  • Free PowerPoint templates websites to decorate your presentations with original designs and elements
  • Free add-ins and tools that you can use to add extra features to your PowerPoint presentations as well as instruction on how to install add-ins in PowerPoint.
  • Free image resources for PowerPoint presentations including catchy pictures for your presentations with the assumption that “more images means less text” in order to keep your audience awake and focusing on you.
  • Music and loops for presentations so you can add appropriate music to your slides.
  • List of Helpers containing some extra tools that you might find useful for your presentations, including color picker, magnifier for PowerPoint, PowerPoint FAQs, resources to get inspiration for presentations as well as other cool stuff.

Obviously, downloading and installing this Encyclopedia is a good way to be connected to some interesting resources for your presentations in Power Point.