Free Meeting Event Budget Template For Excel 2013

Any event or happening need careful planning and of course, costing. Whether for personal or company use, budgeting for your event is wise, economical and better at ensuring the success of your event.

Professionally Designed Marketing Budget Plan

The Free Meeting Event Budget Template for Excel 2013 lets you plan your marketing event’s expenses and help control costs.

Plan, Save and Impress

A budget is always good in ensuring that you spend within your means and avoid any unnecessary expenses. This is true in business as well. You can plan a budget for an event or a meeting and impress your boss with how efficiently you have managed the client’s or the company’s resources and even saved them a few more dollars.

Comprehensive Costings and Categories

A great feature of this Free Meeting Event Budget Template for Excel 2013 addresses the issue on costs and savings by showing you the Event Costs, Event Price per Person, Estimated Marketing Grand Total and Subtotal at the uppermost part of the template. This way, anyone you submit this Meeting Event Budget to will easily see the important figures of your document and easily make a decision whether to approve the budget or not.

Communicate Professionalism and Eye for Detail

This free budget template for Excel 2013 is professionally designed to also make you look professional when you submit this budget or insert this template into your PowerPoint presentation.

Impressive Category Chart

This Free Meeting Event Budget Template for Excel 2013 lets you record and compute for the costs of all the items that make up your event and organize these expenses into Primary Categories and Secondary Categories. The Budget Plan Template also has Estimated Quantity, Estimated Cost per Unit, and Estimated Subtotal.

These costs are then automatically translated into visual format through a chart. This chart automatically populates the data and shows it into an interesting and eye-catching yet informative way that you can also insert into your presentation.

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