Free Fresh Food Template for PowerPoint 2013

Restaurateurs, food enthusiasts, or entrepreneurs and employees in the food industry may find the need to go to conferences, food exhibits and even do their own presentations once in awhile  These activities help the company, a restaurant for example, to promote its product. Presentation in the food industry may also help demonstrate trends, best practices, latest products and innovations, and new research findings. The Free Fresh Food Template for PowerPoint 2013 is one of the many PowerPoint presentation templates that would help you achieve that goal.


The Free Fresh Food Template for PowerPoint 2013 is designed to lend professionalism and cohesion into your presentation. The Fresh Food Template is designed to be simple, clean and sleek, with fresh bursts of colors and a minimalist layout.

This PowerPoint presentation template contains a title slide with an image of various fresh vegetables on a clean white background. This presentation template works best for restaurant presentations, food conferences, cooking exhibitions, health and nutrition resource sharing, and general meetings regarding topics in the food industry.


The Free Fresh Food Template for PowerPoint 2013 contains several slide layouts so you have many options in displaying your text, images and information. The overall slide layout is in a widescreen format. This free food template for PowerPoint from also contains a sample chart, table, and SmartArt graphic that is designed to blend in with the whole theme of the presentation template.


The title and other data can easily be modified to fit your presentation needs. The chart, table and SmartArt graphic can also be modified to present your own data and findings. The placeholders are laid out in a way that is visually enticing and engaging to any audience. You can easily and confidently make any food industry presentation with this Free Fresh Food Template.

To download the Free Fresh Food Template for PowerPoint 2013, go to

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