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Meetings get a bad rap for being counter-productive. They consume a lot of time without really getting anything done. However, done right, meetings can be monumental, if not worthwhile. If you want to get started on meetings that will cover important points in your business and get things on a roll, then you would have to organize your agenda, manage your time and make the most out of it.


The Free Company Meeting PowerPoint Template is a great template you can use for all your meetings. This template contains 13 different slides that you can use to maximize your meetings, whatever your meeting is about or whoever you’re meeting with.

Use for All Your Company Meetings

You can definitely make the most out of this company meeting template, as you can make this your official, go-to template for all your meeting agenda presentations. As most companies have regular meetings, you can save time on creating a presentation from scratch and use this instead. You just type the needed information and use the sample placeholders as guide.


As you can see in each slide, there is sample text starting from the title slide. What follows are various slides for each topic, such as Agenda, Key Objectives, Critical Risk Factors, Organizational Overview, Top Issues, Prior Goals, Revenue and Profit, Key Spending Areas, Head Count, Goals for Next Period, and Summary.

Easily Customize and Modify Slides

Of course you can add more slides or rearrange the existing slides, depending on the flow of your own company meeting. Some of the slides already has graphs and tables to help you, all you need to do is just fill them out with your own company’s data.

You can also add more slides on your own company meeting presentation. Just click on New Slide in the Home menu or in the Insert menu and choose from a selection of slide layouts for you to use.


The theme is in dark brown and blue, with a contrast that makes it easy and interesting in the eye. Still, you can choose other slide themes in the Design menu in the Ribbon.

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