Free Calligraphy PowerPoint Template

Last updated on May 5th, 2024

If you are looking for a presentation that looks subtle, elegant, artistic, and with an Asian influence, you can use this Free Calligraphy PowerPoint Template.


The Free Calligraphy PowerPoint Template features a softly textured lavender background with faint Asian calligraphy running across the slides. The overall effect is something that looks aged but exquisite, something that can catch your audience’s attention, whatever your presentation topic is.

Beautifully Designed Oriental Calligraphy Theme

This template features a set of different professionally designed layouts that gives you plenty of options on how you want your presentation to look. It features various layouts such as Title, Title and Content, Section Header, Comparison, Content with Caption, and many more. These premade slides allow you to easily insert tables, lists, charts, graphs, images, and more.

The slides have coordinating colors, texts, and design elements that go well together aesthetically. It provides variety to your slides while still maintaining the same Oriental calligraphy theme.


However, you can still customize the look of your template to suit your own preference or branding. You can do this by going to the Design menu under Ribbon and formatting your background or adding background pictures or textures. You can also change the font styles and font colors, as well as edit the images in your presentation.

Convenient and Collaborative Online Template

As a PowerPoint Online template, you can easily access it using any browser through your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This makes it convenient to create your presentation even when you are on the go.


Collaboration is also easy because PowerPoint Online makes it possible to work together on a presentation project, even remotely. Sharing is also convenient, because the template, like other Microsoft Online templates, has sharing tools so you can send your slideshows to colleagues or audience via email or social media, to name a few platforms. You also have the option to save the template to your computer and work on it offline.


This template is perfect for business, education, and personal use. From business plans to mood boards, marketing plans to event management, or family trees to invitations, this template has you covered.

Go to Free Calligraphy PowerPoint Template – Unfortunately, this template was removed from, but you can still download Calligraphy related templates from FPPT, like the free Gutemberg PPT template.

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