Free Calendar 2017 Template for PowerPoint

Here is a 100% editable and free 2017 calendar template created by SlideModel that can be used to plan your year ahead. The free calendar is created in PowerPoint using built-in shapes so you can easily replace the text placeholders with your own calendar events and descriptions. The free 2017 Calendar template is also available for Google Slides.

Free Calendar 2017 Template for PowerPoint

The calendar template is available in different formats (16:9 for widescreen presentations as well as 4:3 aspect ratio for traditional projectors).

Free Calendar Template

The calendar template can be used to make presentations on calendar event or event planning. It contains the 12 months in 2017 year and text placeholders so you can edit the events with your own text, or remove any unneeded shape. Also, each calendar slide comes with preview of the next month in the top right corner, this is very helpful for instance if you want to have a quick preview if the next month without needing to advance to the next slide.

The calendar template starts the week in Sunday, but for international users requiring to start in Monday it is possible to adapt it as it is created with PowerPoint shapes.

The calendar template can also be used to represent other calendar events and tasks in a presentation. Alternatively, you can use other planning templates or project management slides for PowerPoint such as the Gantt Chart PowerPoint templates as well as the timeline templates.

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