Free Animated Picture Buttons Template For PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are a beautiful way of getting information across to an audience, big or small, in an interesting and creative way. You can create presentations for financial reports, company profiles, business plans, project proposals, campaign schedules, project timelines, and many more. You can create tables, charts, diagrams, animated pictures, and videos to put in your slides to make your presentation brief, informative and attractive. 

The Free Animated Picture Buttons Template for PowerPoint is one of the many animated picture slide templates that you can insert into your own presentations.


Flexible and Customizable

The Free Animated Picture Buttons Template for PowerPoint is a professionally designed template that animates round, button-like pictures along a curving path. The animation is already built within the template so you can just copy this slide into your presentation and create as many duplicates as necessary in your presentation. Animated pictures liven up an otherwise text-heavy presentation that can render your audience bored. Pictures can help present your information more effectively and therefore also shorten your presentation while still retaining the content.


The slide is set in a white and grey gradient background that you can also customize into any color to make it complement the rest of your slides’ background. You can also change the photos by deleting the preset photos, or buttons, and clicking on the placeholder. After clicking, a dialog box appears and you can choose from your computer any photo that you need. You can do the same to the rest of the buttons. Afterwards, you can type in the text box next to the images to display your description.

Standard and Multi-Purpose

The design of this Free Animated Picture Buttons Template for PowerPoint is pretty much standard so it can go along well with any presentation. You can use this slide to depict a process, a group of related information, even your list of departments or personnel.


The animations are simple and clean so it suits professional presentations for business and academic topics.

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