Engage Your Audience In Group Activities: YawnBuster PowerPoint Add-In

Add-ins are always helpful in enriching the functionality of PowerPoint with robust features. YawnBuster is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that comes with interactive options which can add life to your slides and presentations. With YawnBuster you can engage in Group Activities with your audience by initiating polls, group exercises, games and competitions. In other words, once you use YawnBuster, your audience will no longer yawn.

After installation, YawnBuster can be accessed from the Add-ins tab in MS PowerPoint (2007 and 2010). If you are using PowerPoint 2003, then a YawnBuster tab will appear automatically for the add-in. The features available for Yawn Buster are dependent on the version that you are using. Yawn buster has separate packages for YawnBuster Essential, Competitive Games Pack, Training Games Pack, Business Activities Pack and the Gold Pack (which includes features from all packs). For demonstrative purposes, we will show you how to start a group activity with YawnBuster. To initiate a group activity, select Insert New Group Activity.


In the next step, choose a group activity (e.g. Participation Enhancers, Audience Collaboration or Breathers). The Participation Enhancers option allows starting a brainstorming session, show of hands or key takeaway. Similarly, the Audience Collaboration option enables starting a sequence that must be answered by a group. The Breathers include point of view polls, quizzes, bingos and games.


For example, the below image shows a Sequence that we initiated with a question and sequence options.


All activities are embedded in the slides and have to be run as a Slide Show (use F5 key or select the required option from the Slide Show tab). You can also export, import, edit and extract data from PowerPoint slides using  YawnBuster options.

YawnBuster addin

If you are looking for new and fresh ideas to engage your audience then this addin can be very helpful. Moreover, it can be a good alternative to other presentation polling systems or audience response systems.

YawnBuster Essential, Competitive Games Pack and Training Games Pack costs $99, whereas the Business Activities Pack is worth $75. You can get YawnBuster Gold for $299. This add-in is compatible with MS PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and 2010.

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