Edraw Office Viewer: Host MS Office Documents In A Custom Form Or Web Page

Edraw Office Viewer Component is a software for hosting Microsoft Office documents from famous Office applications like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and Microsoft Project. The special feature of Edraw Office Viewer Component is that it provides developers the opportunity to integrate Office files for in-place editing and viewing. Edraw Office Viewer can be integrated with applications that support Active X (e.g. C++, Visual Basic, C# and Delphi). This can help developers acquire programmatic control the embedded document.

Edraw Office Viewer is not only useful for developers but can also be used by companies to provide “read only” Office documents to their employees, to prevent modifications within the original document. Another great feature of this application is that it also provides the option to display password protected Word documents to end users for viewing purposes, without providing them with the original password. Edraw Office Viewer

To create a new document, go to the File drop down menu and select a document type. The available options allow users to create MS Word, Excel. PowerPoint, Visio and MS Project documents. You can even Open documents from supported file types.

Create Document

The documents created or opened using Edraw Office Viewer can be modified using MS Office functions. For example, you can use built-in or third-party PowerPoint themes to create presentations.

Edit PowerPoint Document

When opening a document from a supported format it is advised to select the document type from the supported file’s drop down menu. For example, if you require opening a PPT file, then select MS PowerPoint from the drop down menu to see the file for selection.

Open File

You can even disable certain features like the Office menu, New, Save as or other buttons from Settings. Likewise, you can create alerts for windows selection change, before a document is saved or closed, for window activation and other functions. These alerts can re-enabled via the Event Alert drop down menu.

Event Alert

As Edraw Office Viewer supports almost all functions of supported office files, you can even run presentation SlideShows, save slides as images, protect documents and insert items using the respective drop down menus of the file type (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint and drop down menus). The Upload option in Edraw Office Viewer provides FTP and HTTP uploads and downloads.

Presentation Slideshow

You can download Edraw office individually for all supported office applications or for individual MS Office applications. As Edraw grants the user the right to integrate the Software into other applications, Edraw Office Viewer costs between $1495-$999 (depending on the package purchased). For more information, see the developer’s website.

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