Edit PowerPoint Presentations with Multiple Users Simultaneously

Edit PowerPoint Presentations with Multiple Users Simultaneously is possible by different ways. LiveLoop is a collaboration tool that enables you to edit PowerPoint documents with other people simultaneously. Multiple users can work together in the same PPT and see the live changes. Imagine this situation: you and your colleagues are working on a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting, but your fellows can’t edit the same file while you are editing it.

How Live Loop works?

LiveLoop is a PowerPoint addin that lets you and your colleagues to work on the same PPT presentation document at the same time. Everyone can see what someone else is doing in real time. You’ll see everyone else’s changes within a fraction of a second. Whether you’re working independently on different parts of a presentation, or jointly brainstorming a single slide, you’ll never have to email attachments back and forth again.

Learn more in http://www.getliveloop.com/

Other collaboration tools for PowerPoint

In newer versions of PowerPoint (Office 15) there are new collaboration tools available. Since Office 15 is just a preview we will need to wait for the final version in order to make a full review, but you can learn more about new features in PowerPoint 2013.

PowerPoint Online version is also a good alternative if you want to work on the same files while other colleagues are editing the presentation. This is pretty similar as other alternative tools like presentations on Google Docs works where you can see changes other people do in real time.