Download Free PowerPoint Template and Focus More on the Content

There are many factors that make a PowerPoint presentation effective and that is finding the right mix of text and graphics or media. Some presentations may require more text while some may require more graphics depending on the type of your presentation and of course your audience or the people for whom the presentation is intended. But if your PowerPoint presentation intends to make your audience understand your company’s sales movement per month for the current year or the previous years, then add several slides for bar graphs or some charts if needed. Good thing, you don’t have to spend that much time drawing, aligning and conceptualizing how the chart will look like since you can easily download FREE PowerPoint templates from FPPT or other free resources like templates gallery.

title screeshot

FPPT offers a wide selection of FREE PowerPoint templates that you can choose from. Like if you are preparing to throw in a great sales pitch that will hopefully land you a notch higher in the corporate ladder, then download free business PowerPoint templates. This way, you can focus on more on the content of the presentation rather than spending and wasting precious time from trying to draw a perfect circle or lines that you could not fathom on how to properly align and layout to make it aesthetically appealing.  With FPPT free PowerPoint templates, you simply need to place your information, change the text in the Title Layout, write your Subtitle and input the rest of the data.

title and content layout with chart

In this PowerPoint template shown above, you can edit the graph when you press the right button of your mouse.  A right click will show you options wherein you can edit the data, change the chart type and you can even perk it up by making your chart in 3D. This way, your audience will better understand the up and down movement of your company’s sales or performance for the past three or so months or years. Needless to say, your audience will know at-a-glance if the company is doing well or if you need some serious business repositioning to hit the monthly or yearly target sales.

title and content layout with smartart

Downloading a free PowerPoint template will help you save time and help you focus more on the content of your presentation. So, if you are presenting or suggesting a new business process on how to perk up your monthly sales, then make use of the template wherein you can easily input the step-by-step process or ways on how to implement the new sales plan.  This template will also benefit your sales or business team since you can deliver a clear cut step-by-step process on how to effectively implement the business plan.

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