Don’t Blame PowerPoint, Make Your Presentations More Engaging

While PowerPoint is an excellent tool for creating presentations, some people are quick to blame PowerPoint when they are unable to create a good presentation. This argument appears quite absurd, considering the fact that Microsoft PowerPoint provides everything from attractive templates to a wide array of tools for creating presentations. In fact, PowerPoint probably does half the job for the end user by making all the necessary tools and various types of templates available for the user.

PowerPoint is Just A Tool

Perhaps one of the best arguments that I have ever seen in favour of PowerPoint is in a presentation by Ed, who is the founder of In his presentation he presents the argument that PowerPoint is only a tool and it is the user who must work hard to make the tool effective, just like a car which depends upon its driver. This makes a lot of sense, since anyone who does not know a tool as complex as Adobe Photoshop cannot blame Adobe for making tool the way it is but rather needs to learn better ways of using the application.

Don't blame PowerPoint, it's just a vehicle

Don’t Blame PowerPoint

Similarly, if you have ever been short of ideas when using PowerPoint, then it might be time to seek some advice from a Pro. You can check out the complete presentation by Ed given below. This presentation “Don’t Blame PowerPoint” is also available at SlideOnline, which is a web service that enables users to share their presentations online.

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Make Better Presentations By Contacting Ed!

As Ed describes in the About Us section of his website, you can contact him to seek advice to make more appealing presentations. His services are available for both large organizations and small businesses (including startups). In fact you can even benefit from the Free Trial offer at Clear Presentation Design (Clearpreso) by sending your PowerPoint deck or a few slides of your choice to Ed and you will receive 3 to 4 slides back after they have been redesigned and given a more professional look. For more details, see the link given below.

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