Display Guidelines & Grid in PowerPoint 2010

Using the PowerPoint grid and guideline tools you can easily align objects and shapes to the guidelines. In order to enable the grid and guidelines in PowerPoint 2010 you will need to configure it under the Design menu. Drawing guides, ruler and grid are visual helpers that may help you as a PowerPoint designer to align and arrange objects on the screen.

Display Guidelines & Grid in PowerPoint 2010

Using grids in PowerPoint makes it possible to align objects, shapes and SmartArt Graphics easily. You can also align objects to grid from the Home menu in PowerPoint 2010. Having the object or shape selected, click on Home -> Arrange section and then open the popup with alignment options that you can see under Position Objects section.

  • You can configure the grid from this section, too by clicking on Grid Settings.
  • If you want to view the guideline, just make sure to check the View Guidelines option.
  • If you want to align objects to the grid, make sure to check the Align to Slide option.

guides powerpoint grid

You can also configure the ruler in PowerPoint 2010. To learn how to configure the ruler in PowerPoint you can check our other article. Also, don’t forget to check our free graph template for PowerPoint. You can learn more about how to work with guidelines and drawing guides in PowerPoint to show them on the screen and align objects.

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