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Customer support is one of the essential components of any service. Whether you are working in a multinational corporation or are providing a service for a web app, customer support is essential for a flourishing business and satisfied customers. Many a times customers can end up facing minor issues, which if left unanswered for a long period of time, may end up in loss of clients. However, not everyone can maintain personal servers and a support team that can work round the clock to deliver customer support. In fact, if you have launched a startup, you yourself may be the only available support in the short run. is a web service which makes it easy to provide customer support using flexible contact methods like email, phone, chat, comments, Facebook and Twitter.


Used By Top Companies is used by some of the top companies, including; Yelp, DirecTV, Grooveshark and Bonobos. Founded in 2009, Desk has a clientele which includes thousands of customers.

Desk.Com Customer Support Service

Salesforce Integration

One of the biggest advantages of using Desk is Salesforce integration. As the Salesforce CRM is already used by many big and small companies, the addition of Desk with Salesforce compatibility makes support tasks even more in-depth. The for Salesforce delivers two-way integration which makes it possible for sales and support teams to share customer information for a more efficient service. For example, Salesforce users can view the history of support cases, create support requests for your support team using Desk and add notes to support cases. Having used Salesforce first hand, I know for sure the utility that it offers to a sales team for adding support tickets. This can help resolve customer grievances more efficiently and take care of any delays by informing the support team. With Salesforce and Desk, the possibilities of making your sales, support and customer complaint process more efficient are endless.

Salesforce Integration

Using Desk For Customer Support

To start using Desk, you can sign up for a free trial. In the first step, you will be asked to enter your name, company’s name, email address and the preferred name (e.g. After that you will be asked to enter a phone number and a few other minor details, such as the number of your support team, the support tool you use and the urgency for a support tool. You can also request a personalized demo to test out the Desk service.

Sign Up for

Once the sign up process is complete, you will be logged in your Dashboard from where you can begin exploring the various Desk features for providing support to customers using email, phone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Using Desk For Customer Support has different packages and the Starter Plan costs merely $3 per month for up to 3 Agents and is billed annually, whereas, the Plus Plan costs $29 annually and $39 monthly (per agent).

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