Fax Cover Sheet Template for PowerPoint

It could be possible you may wonder why worth to create a Fax Cover Sheet in PowerPoint? Is fax still used nowadays? Some companies still use fax machines, even if there are more reliable ways to send documents online (email, Whatsapp, etc.).

Fax Cover Sheet

Accordingly to this Reddit thread, there are companies that have record retention rules, which require hard copies. A lot of times this is due to regulations and legal requirements. In cases like these, changes require a lot of bureaucracy and is a very slow process or even a non-existent one.

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How to make a Fax Cover Sheet in PowerPoint?

Here we will show you how to prepare a simple but useful Fax Cover Sheet template for Microsoft PowerPoint. This can be exported to other presentation tools (like Google Slides) or you can print it as a PDF, too.

1. First, create a new blank presentation.

Convert the default landscape slide into a portrait format. In Design -> Slide Size -> Page Setup, you can specify the paper type A4 in order to use the presentation as a document. This will change the slide dimensions.

2. Insert a blank slide

Now, insert a new blank slide or replace the current layout to Blank layout instead of the Title Slide. This will remove the default title text placeholders and leave a blank slide where you can insert the new text shapes to build the Fax Cover Sheet.

3. Include the fax document header

Now, use the text shape to include the text required in a fax cover sheet template. In this case, we will add a big FAX title and the company name, mailing address and phone in the header.

Then, a new section will include the sender and recipient data. You can use the text box tool in PowerPoint to insert the text shapes for this section.

Use the rectangular shape to add a frame to the sender and recipients area and then scroll down and insert a new rectangular shape that will be used for the fax message.

The figure above shows how the Fax Cover Sheet PowerPoint template looks. Now you can export this fax cover sheet template to PDF or print it. If you already have a printed configured to send a fax from your computer, you can go to File -> Print to see the printing options. Some companies have special drivers installed on their computers that will print directly to a fax machine or rely on 3rd. party tools to send a fax online.

If you are still interested why some companies still rely on Fax machines to send their documents, here are some other reasons:

  • The legal system in some states and countries prefers fax machines over email or digital signatures.
  • The fax documents are traceable documents and there is a notifications of delivery.
  • It offers a secure document transfer method. Unlike unencrypted emails that can be intercepted over a network, faxes are harder to intercept when they are transmitted over analog phone lines.

In our opinion, fax machines are an outdated technology, however if you are still interested on how to send fax online, learn here the best tools to send fax documents online.

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