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Although most people nowadays use the computer for sending documents to other people remotely, the Fax is still used by some. However, this is no reason for you to pay an outrageous amount for sending a Fax. As Fax machines are pretty much outdated you are unlikely to have one at home and even if you have a printer that provides Fax support, it might be easier to simply use a web service instead of plugging in the printer and going through the configurations. We have compiled a list of some web services that allow users to send free Fax via the internet. Some of these services even provide you with a temporary Fax number.


Fax Zero

This service allows sending up to two faxes per day for free. All you have to do is to provide the Fax  number, fill out some basic details and send the Fax. Its as easy and quick as sending an email. You are even provided with a fax confirmation via email if the fax is sent successfully. The only downside of using the free version of this service is that it adds a FaxZero logo with the fax that is sent via this service. You can use the Premium version to remove the restrictions of the free version. FaxZero can be used to send the following file types as fax; DF, ODT, MS Word Formats (DOC, DOCX), MS Excel spreadsheet (.XLS or .XLSX), PowerPoint files (PPT), RTF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, TXT, HTML, and VSD.

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Fax Zero


CocoFax is an all-in-one online fax solution provider dedicated to smarter business communications. We aim to help businesses go greener, smarter, and quicker.

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This service is perhaps the easiest fax service you are likely to find online. Simply fill out the form by providing the senders information, enter the recipient’s fax number and upload a PDF or MS Word (Doc) file and send the fax. Alternatively, you can also enter text manually (even in rich text to fax format) before sending your fax. Like FaxZero, GotFreeFax also allows sending just 2 faxes per day for free and charges a fee for additional faxes. You can send no more than 3 pages per fax if you are using the service for free.

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Just like GotFreeFax and FaxZero you can use this service for sending a fax by filling out a form. Furthermore, you can even opt for the free trial, which provides a fax number immediately. This can be quite helpful if you want to avoid buying a fax machine.

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MyFax is another handy service for sending fax via the internet. It also provides the option to obtain a fax number for free using the 30 day trial period. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of faxes that you can send or receive during the 30-day free trial period. Another great feature of this service is that it allows sending fax to more than 40 countries.

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Fax is still used by many professionals and businesses, but with the progress in technology it is not needed to have a fax machine. Now, you can rely on digital products and cost-effective web services to send fax messages worldwide and at a convenient fee.

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