Create Zooming Presentations And Mind Maps Online With TotSplash

Need something as good as Prezi to present your ideas in a zooming UI? TotSplash is an online presentation and mind mapping tool with Prezi like presentation features. TotSplash is a multi-purpose web app, as it can be useful for recording ideas and footnotes, making mind maps and presenting them right from an internet browser, with a preferred zooming presentation mode.


Create Mind Maps And Instantly Turn Them into Amazing Presentations

The best feature of this web app is that it allows you to create sequential mind maps by simply adding notes, descriptions and images in the form of threads. This makes it possible to create a diagram tree, which can be used as a presentation. In other words, your footnotes can be used as a presentation in no time. This makes this web app quite a good alternative to PowerPoint and conventional presentation services.

When you go to the TotSplash web app, you are presented with thread like text boxes. To begin recording your ideas, enter text and open the text box for editing.

TotSplash Awesome Way to Organize and Present Ideas

Making Mind Map Threads And Slides With TotSplash

After you have added a title for your slide and opened it, you will be provided with an editing interface to add images and text to make your note/slide more comprehensive. Once you have completed editing, close your slide and hover your mouse over any object to create further Tots (slides/notes).

Create Slides

Save, Share And Present Presentations, Ideas and Mind Maps From A Browser

While you can make mind maps, notes and presentations even without logging in, you will require a TotSplash account to save your content. You can also choose to login via a Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft account. To save your presentation, go to the Tot drop down menu. You can also start new projects and load old projects from this menu. Another fine option within this menu is the Show Thumbnails option. You can check this checkbox to see a thumbnail view of your Tots.

Save TotSplash Presentation

To present your presentation, notes, mind maps or ideas, open a project, go to the Splash drop down menu and select a presentation style. The available styles include Smooth, Popup Deck, Pan and Zoom. All these styles display your notes with stylish transition effects and a zooming UI. You can also select sharing options from within this drop down menu to make your project public and share it on social media websites. Additionally, you can use the embed code to embed your Tot to a website.

Present Ideas From a Browser

The below image shows a presentation running in Popup Deck presentation mode. To control the presentation, use the presentation buttons located at the bottom (Start, Reverse, Forward and Stop). You can also navigate between slides using the Keyboard Arrow Keys.

TotSplash presenter

TotSplash offers 1 free Tot, with 2MB storage space, whereas, the $5.75 monthly package provides unlimited Tots and 100MB of storage space.

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