Course Completion Certificate Template for PowerPoint

If you are a student or a trainee and you get into a course or program, then you know that at the end of the course, you will get a certificate that would serve as proof that you have completed it. This is called a course completion certificate and most schools, organizations, or even companies that conduct courses or classes issue these.

A course completion certificate is important because it proves that you have studied, trained, and completed a certain course or class that improves your skills or gives you additional knowledge about a topic. This certificate can be included in your list of qualifications and skills, especially if you are creating a resume and applying for a job. These certificates can also be hanged on the wall for credentials.


The Course Completion Certificate Template for PowerPoint is a free and professional template that many companies or organizations can use to give out to those who have completed a course or class they have conducted. This template can be downloaded and used multiple times for all the courses you have conducted, as many expect to receive such a certificate to add to their accomplishments and credentials.

Elegant Course Completion Certificate

This particular course completion certificate template allows you to create certificates for any course, as this is very versatile and easily customizable. This template features a pleasing light green gradient background with a classic and elegant white border. In the middle of the slide is a set of text that will help guide you in completing your own certificate.


In these text placeholders, simply click on the needed information, such as your company name, name of certificate recipient, course name, graduation date, and the name and title of the one giving the award. Since you may probably have multiple certificate recipients, you can just easily edit the name portion with each of the names of your course attendees or completionists.


You can also add your company logo and even sponsors’ logos as there is still adequate space at the bottom and sides of the certificate. This template is print-ready and you can easily change the background colors to suit your preferences.

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