Business Closed Sign Template For Word

There will be times that business establishments will close shop for a time to allow their employees, and the organization itself, to celebrate certain events, especially holidays. In times like this, stores, shops, and other establishments must be able to let their customers know if they are closed for the day and when business or operations will resume.


The Business Closed Sign Template for Word is a convenient template that you can use anytime you need to close your establishment for a day or more. With this template, you can easily create any business closed sign anytime you need it. Just open the template and customize it a little and you have a business closed sign within just a few minutes.

Free Business Closed Sign Template

This template for Word is free, and you can use it as many times as you need. It is compatible with all current Word versions, but still has backward compatibility with older versions. It is also printer-friendly, so you can edit and print as many copies as you need without breaking a sweat.

 To start creating your own business closed sign, just edit the text in the template. You can follow the placeholders so you know just how your own sign would look like. You can also add a few more details to the section below the rounded square shape, if necessary.


Use Sign for Any Holiday

If you want to create business closed signs for other holidays aside from Martin Luther King Day, you can of course make us of shapes under the ‘Illustrations’ menu under the ‘Insert’ tab in the Ribbon. You can also go ahead and upload onto the template your own images.


You can also modify the theme and the overall style of the template to suit the colors and festivity or mood of any occasion. Just go to the Design menu in the Ribbon. You can even insert your company logo to further personalize your business closed sign.

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