Broadcasting PowerPoint and online presentations

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 you can broadcast your presentations everywhere remotely.

With the new Broadcasting feature in Microsoft PowerPoint you don’t need third party applications to deliver your presentations to your remote audience for example over the Internet.

Imagine this scenario, you are an IT company working with customers around the world and your team is also in different countries, you want to run an important Power Point presentation with all them. Until now you could use some other third party applications for online presentations like Team Viewer or GotoMeeting. However, with Microsoft PowerPoint and Broadcasting feature you just need to share the link with your invitees and they can run the presentation in their browsers.

Or, if you are a teacher at University and you need to run a presentation for your students but they are at home, then you can use Broadcasting PowerPoint feature to run your presentations online with a simple click. Of course, if you need free University PowerPoint templates you can download them here.

powerpoint broadcast

You can learn more about this feature in official Office website.

This article explained how you can use Power Point as a broadcasting software slide or pointer on broadcast slide show. You can use this PowerPoint broadcast service trobuleshooting article to understand how to broadcast your virtual presentation slides for game show or business presentation.

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