Blue Bookstack Educational PowerPoint Template

Students, teachers, and anyone involved in the academic or education sector would, at times, need to create presentations involving their subject or expertise. However, just because it involves school doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There are many free education templates that anyone can use to make presentations fun, exciting and interactive.

Visually Appealing Template for Book, Publishing and Literary Presentations

One such template is the Blue Bookstack Educational PowerPoint Template. This book-themed, widescreen format template works best for PowerPoint 2013, with backward compatibility with earlier versions. This free PowerPoint template is designed for presentations involving books, publishing, studying and academics.

Who Says School is Boring?

This Blue Bookstack Educational PowerPoint Template is carefully designed to look clean, sleek, interesting and informative. This template contains a wide array of slide designs and layouts that contain the common theme of book stacks, giving it a unified and cohesive look.

Use Various Slide Layouts to Present Significant Data

It has a blue background, making it easy on the eyes so you can include any text or graphic in your slides without visually overwhelming your audience. However, you can still choose to change the background color depending on your preference or theme. Just go to the Slide Master View and from there change the Background Style by choosing from among the many background designs and colors, or creating your own.

Show Your Bookish Side in a Slide

This Blue Bookstack PowerPoint Template is ideal for presentations about school, books, publishing, and literature. It can also be used for business presentations, especially if you are creating a business plan for a bookstore, or for writing a proposal for a novel. If you want to create a presentation for your book club, or showcase your book collection, this template is also perfect for that.

Easily Customize Slide Theme Using Slide Master

The PowerPoint presentation contains 11 slides that each have their own layouts so you can conveniently include tables, graphs and SmartArt in your presentation. You can also include photos, and other relevant data to make your presentation visually appealing and interesting.

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