Best Newspaper Clipart For PowerPoint

While newspapers are more endangered than most endangered species, the means of disseminating and reading news has become a lot easier. However, for many of us the word ‘news’ still brings the good old newspaper to mind. In honor of the dying breed that we call the newspaper, we decided to bring you the Best Newspaper Clipart for PowerPoint. These clipart images can be used for presentations about electronic and print media, as well as for academic and professional presentations where you might want to use a newspaper image with your custom text to highlight your message.

Best newspaper clipart for PowerPoint

Single Newspaper Clipart with Custom Text

This custom text clipart can be heavily customized with your own text to display your custom message using a newspaper image. All customizations can be performed directly from the download page. You can also specify a resolution for downloading the clipart.

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Single newspaper clipart

Newspaper Stack Clipart with Custom Text

This is another custom text clipart where you can add a title, subtitle and other details on the newspaper image before downloading it. The clipart image depicts a stack of newspapers, where you can add your own image and text to create a custom newspaper design.

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Newspaper stack clipart

Paperboy Newspaper Clipart with Custom Text

A boy selling newspaper with your customized newspaper design can be a good way of grabbing the attention of your audience. This custom text clipart can be customized to add any news headline and you can even add an image to the newspaper to make things more interesting. And no! The bunnies aren’t falling from the sky! That’s just the title I added to the clipart before downloading it.

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Paperboy clipart

Coffee and News Clipart

For many of us the day still starts with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. This clipart image perfectly depicts this refreshing part of the day with the image of a folded newspaper next to a coffee mug.

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Newspaper and coffee clipart

Stick Figure Coffee Newspaper

A stick figure reading the newspaper next to a coffee mug with the title ‘Breaking News’ on the newspaper can perfectly describe what newspapers are all about; making a buzz and grabbing attention. You might also want to check out this Breaking News PowerPoint Template.

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Stick figure reading news clipart

For more newspaper clipart and custom text images, check out the links given below.

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