BenQ Projector MX522: The Inexpensive 3D Projector

3D Projectors despite their high-quality output might not be the first choice of many organizations due to the heavy cost they incur. A 3D projector can cost anything between $700 to more than $1000, unless you opt for the BenQ MX522, which has a surprisingly low cost, with all essential features which make it an inexpensive 3D projector.

BenQ MX522

Pros of Buying the BenQ MX522

Low Price 3D Projector

BenQ MX522 is not only inexpensive at a price of around $500 but also offers HD display of XGA (1024/768). While BenQ MX522 usually costs $529, you can get it at a special price at Amazon.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry Around

It has a weight of just above 5 pounds which makes it convenient enough to be carried along. This can be particularly useful for event organizers and entrepreneurs who might require frequently moving the projector, such as to allow presenting a lecture using PowerPoint presentations during different events and seminars.

Brightness and Display

BenQ MX522 has a 3,000-lumen rating, which means it is good enough for small to medium size rooms, halls or lecture rooms. Moreover, since it is a 3D projector, it works well with Blu-ray players and has a 10,000 hour long lamp life, which can significantly reduce costs in the long run.

Like any conventional projector, you get number of input options for displaying content, including slots for HDMI, VGA, USB and analogue devices. As mentioned earlier, the BenQ MX522 supports HD display of 1024 by 768.

BenQ MX522 input

Cons of Buying the BenQ MX522

If you want a projector for a large conference room and require a high volume sound system, then BenQ MX522 might not be adequate enough to get the job done.

BenQ MX522 buttons


The BenQ MX522 is a business class 3D projector, which is lo weight, easy to carry around, has a price several times lower than other 3D projectors and provides a high-quality, bright HD display, which is good enough to project conventional videos and 3D supported content in small and medium size rooms and halls.

You can find more details about the specifications of this device and even place an order at a highly discounted price via the Amazon link given below.

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