Animated Skull Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Revolving Brain PowerPoint Template is an Animated Template for PowerPoint with a transparent skull video animation which slowly rotates to show the different lobes of the brain. It is available as both a standalone video background and a customizable PPTX template.

Revolving Brain Video Animation For Presentations

This skull themed video animation can be used for a variety of purposes, including presentations for PowerPoint and other platforms. The standalone version of the animation comes in WMV, FLV and MOV formats, whereas the PPTX version can be used for adding your own text, images, diagrams and logos.

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Whether you require elaborating the various lobes of the human brain or wish to make a medical presentation about the head, neurons, lobes, spine or synapses, this video animation can help you explore the most important part of the human anatomy, i.e. the human brain.

human brain PowerPoint Template

Brain in Glass Skull PowerPoint Animation

Another similar animation that you can use for making presentations about the human brain is the Brain in Glass Skull Video Animation for PowerPoint. This animation is even easier to use, as it is available in various sizes as a GIF file, as well as in Flash and QuickTime formats. You can easily download a preferred version of this video animation and use it in your slides.

Brain in Glass Skull PowerPoint Animation

You can even use both these animations in conjunction and place them in a single slide to elaborate upon your presentation or topic or just to make a nice slideshow containing two very impressive video animations. How you are able to use these video animations is entirely dependent upon your imagination, as the possibilities of using these templates with custom branding, relevant images, videos and clipart are virtually endless.

Skull Animations

Both these and other video animations can be downloaded at the Presenter Media website by signing up for a subscription. Among the download options, a customization section is also available from where you can customize the overall appearance and size of the animations before downloading them.

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