Animated Political Parties in USA PowerPoint Template

The two mainstream political parties in the United States of America; namely the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have been the center of bitter division since ages. More recently, the U.S. elections have even further divided the vote bank, making competition among the two political rivals even tougher. For anyone looking to make a presentation about these two political giants, the Animated Political Parties in USA PowerPoint Template is the perfect slide deck.

Explore the Dynamics of U.S. Politics

This template might be of particular interest to presenters who intend to explore and present the dynamics of U.S. politics in the form of lectures and research based presentations. You can use this template for this very purpose; regardless of whether you’re a teacher, student, researcher or political analyst.

Political Parties in USA PowerPoint Template

Animated Slides with Republican and Democratic Party Logos

Various slides provide animated sequences of the Republican elephant and the Democratic Party logo of a donkey. These logos have been neatly placed amidst pre-configured animations to reveal them in an eye-catching manner.

Republican Party

Head to Head Competition of the Elephant & the Donkey

The template contains 10 sample slides with instructions to edit the animated content. The first slide shows both the elephant and the donkey going head to head. The next two slides provide exclusive slides for talking about both parties individually, with one slide dedicated to the elephant and the other to the donkey.

Democratic Party Logo

The numerous slides which follow provide sequences for creating content slides, infographics, diagrams, and the like. You can adjust these layouts to design your slides to suit your presentation needs.

Republican and Democratic Party

Political Party Icons

There are also icons available with symbols for both political parties to enable presenters to customize slides and create new slide content using the logos of political parties in USA.

Political Party Icons

The Political parties in USA PowerPoint Template has a Standard and Widescreen version. both versions are listed below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Political Parties in USA PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Political Parties in USA PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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