Animated Periscope Vision PowerPoint Template

Presentations about financial performance, market analysis, project timelines and other types of in-depth scrutiny might require taking a closer look at fine details! Animated Periscope Vision PowerPoint Template gives animated slides to help you create slides with statistics, data and your analysis of key information.

Animated Periscope Illustrations

This animated template uses periscope illustrations to help visually convey the message of peeking into the fine details of a subject. These layouts can be customized or used in their default form for making a range of slides. You can create lists, comparisons, picture slides, add tables and charts and even create infographics.

animated periscope vision powerpoint template

Sample Clipart, Images and Icons

There is sample clipart, replaceable images and editable slide objects across sample slides. The template also provides sample icons which can also be replaced with your own clipart to customize slides according to need.

periscope comparison slide

Animated Periscope Layouts

The slides are designed to enable accommodating different types of information. This template is particularly quite suitable for making slides that present some kind of data, analysis or trends. The periscope illustrations also reinforce the idea of taking a close look at fine details. You can easily adjust the slide content to discuss anything from business, finance, marketing to cloud computing, social media and even project progress. The slides are easy to adjust according to various presentation topics, making it convenient for presenters to use this as a go to template for making professional presentations.

cloud computing slide design for powerpoint

Since the templates come with animations, your added content will automatically animate. This can help you quickly design a professional presentation with some visual appeal. Not only are the graphics quite professionally designed but the subtle animations further make the added content by the presenter more appealing due to the way animated slides load.

periscope template

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