Animated Magic Hat PowerPoint Templates

If you intend to impress your audience and nothing seems to be working of late, then maybe it’s time to put on your magic hat! The Animated Magic Hat PowerPoint Templates that we have compiled for you are sure to make your audience feel the magic of your words.

Magician’s Hat PowerPoint Video Animation with Custom Message

This is a custom text video background for PowerPoint which can be edited prior to download from the developer’s website. Simply go to the link below and enter your custom text, images, shapes to alter the sample video background.

Magic hat animation with custom text

Once done, go to the Sample & Download Options tab and pick a format to download the file. You can download the animation as a PowerPoint PPTX, WMV, MOV or FLV file.

Download magic hat animation

Even after you have the downloaded version you can further modify the animation by editing it via PowerPoint Video Tools or by adding text to the animated slide. However, for changes within the animation you will always have to go to the developer’s website to create a custom video background from the sample one.

Go to Presenter Media – Magician’s Hat PowerPoint Video Animation with Custom Message

Magic hat animation

Magic Wand PowerPoint Video Animation with Custom Text

This video animation depicts a magician waving his wand to reveal something. You can replace the sample content with your own text and logo and stylize it before downloading the animation as a video or PowerPoint slide.

Magicians hat video animation for PowerPoint

Below is an example slide with our modified version of the animation where we used custom text before downloading the animation from Presenter Media.

Go to Presenter Media – Magic Wand PowerPoint Video Animation with Custom Text

  Magician video animation for PowerPoint

Animated Magician’s Wand PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for something less complicated with a magician’s touch, then you can download the Animated Magician’s Wand PowerPoint Template.

Magicians magic wand PowerPoint template

This is an awesome template which provides sample diagrams, charts, picture layouts and a range of handy slides with illustrations of magic hats, wands and magicians.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Magician’s Wand PowerPoint Template

Magician illustration for PowerPoint

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