Animated Leadership PowerPoint Templates

Leadership presentations are often best presented with appropriate imagery which may be symbolic enough to help you translate your thoughts in the form of slides that give a message to the audience on their own. Using animations can help you achieve desired results for leadership presentations, as embedded video animations with a custom message can have a deeper impact on the audience than static slides.

Leadership Wave PowerPoint Template

This is an animated template for making leadership related presentations. Whether you are a CEO looking to present your ideas before an audience, a career coach willing to present tips for becoming a good leader or someone who needs to present his/her opinion with great authority, this animated template can help you leave a lasting impact on your audience. The Leadership Wave PowerPoint Template provides editable slides with diverse layouts for making presentations about leadership.

Leadership Wave PowerPoint Template

Add Content To Automatically Create Animated Slides

You can make use of the different charts, tables, clipart and SmartArt Graphics to create presentation slides that can instantly grab the attention of your audience. Just add your own data, text and images to populate the sample slides and the video animations will merge with your added content. For example, the first slide of this template shows a compass and starts off with an animation presenting the opening title. When you add your title to this sample slide, it will play out with the animation when you run the slide in Slide Show mode.

Leadership PowerPoint Template With Animations

You can download this PowerPoint template For PC or Mac in Standard and Widescreen format, from the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Leadership Wave PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Leadership Wave PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Sky Corporate Ladder PowerPoint Template

Sky Corporate Ladder PowerPoint Template comes with a video animation of a ladder leading upwards, towards the clouds. This sort of template is quite suitable for making motivational presentations. Using this video animation you can easily present leadership related slides, with the symbolic ladder animation that is often quoted in the corporate world (corporate ladder).

Sky Corporate Ladder PowerPoint Template

Like the Leadership Wave template, this animated template also provides charts, clipart, SmartArt graphics and different types of slide layouts that can help you make presentations on the most complex topics, in just a few minutes.

Corporate Ladder Clipart

This template is available for both PowerPoint and Keynote.

Go to Presenter Media – Sky Corporate Ladder PowerPoint Template

Corporate Climb Clipart

If you would like to simply use an animated GIF image or a video representing the corporate ladder, you can use this clipart for your presentation slides. This clipart is available in GIF, QuickTime MOV and Flash format. You can easily adjust this animation in various types of presentation applications to create custom animated slides.

Go to Presenter Media – Corporate Climb Clipart

Corporate Climb Clipart

For more leadership related animated templates, see our post about Best Leadership PowerPoint Templates For Presentations.

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