Animated Idea Machine PowerPoint Template

Ideas are what make or break a business. Many organizations encourage brainstorming and Total Quality Management techniques to help the business improve and find new ways to make processes more efficient. Animated Idea Machine PowerPoint Template is meant to help presenters present ideas using creatively designed animated slides.

Creatively Designed Slides for Presenting Ideas

The Idea Machine template starts with a title slide depicting a brain inside a machine. What follows are slides that can be used as infographic and diagram slides for presenting information. You can also use some of these slides for making flowcharts, comparison slides and the like.

Animated Idea Machine PowerPoint Template

Change the Look of Sample Slides

There are 10 slides with sample content and a few after that with instructions regarding how to customize your sample slides. The slides in this template are animated and also come with elements that can be individually selected for editing.

Idea Infographic

These easy to edit slides can be quite handy for generating your custom versions of sample slides with relevant information. As the slides load in animated form, your added content will be instantly noticed by your audience. Hence, you can make attention grabbing slides with little effort.

Idea Chart Slide

Complex, Yet Easy to Grasp Slide Layouts

A very interesting aspect of this template is that despite complex slide designs, the slides have been presented in such a way that you can easily highlight key aspects of your presentation. There are large placeholders amidst complex slide layouts to enable you to highlight important bits of information for your audience. This way, you can keep your slides visually appealing, without making a mess out of the visuals.

Idea Flow Chart

You can showcase your bright ideas using this template with PowerPoint for PC and Mac. For more details, see the product page via the link given below.

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