Animated Ecommerce Template for PowerPoint

Over the past decade, ecommerce saw a boom, driven by digital wallets and a rise in online shopping. This was further boosted after the rise in online transactions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As brick-and-mortar stores continue to be replaced or shut down due to eCommerce, the future appears to be digital! The Animated Ecommerce Template for PowerPoint captures this trend.

Animated ecommerce template for powerpoint

Ecommerce and Digital Wallet Themed Slides

The opening slide depicts an e-wallet, credit card and space for introducing your presentation topic. There are over 10 content slides in this template that other than text-based slides can be used for making infographics, timelines and custom e-commerce diagrams.

Digital timeline and trends

Ecommerce Timelines, Charts and Infographics

With the slide layout shown below, you can create anything from an infographic to a chart showing trends or even a timeline slide. The central theme of the template is e-commerce. So, anything you create around the theme will perfectly match the sample slides.

Digital pay diagram

There are also a number of innovative slide design ideas that you can get from the sample slides. This includes slides for making a true or false questionnaire or diagram and different types of e-commerce charts. This can help you depict data and trends, as well as discuss key topics with a bit of visual appeal.

True or false slide design for PowerPoint

Create Data Driven Slides

There are even layouts that can be used for discussing the process for transactions on e-wallets, shopping carts and other types of e-commerce related modes of doing business. If you are an organization looking to digitize, the slide deck can be helpful for training your employees or giving an overview to your customers regarding your services. The slides give a lot of scope for making data-driven slides. This can be great for focusing on the data and trends that you intend to discuss in your presentation.

Digital wallet slide design

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