Animated Christmas Nostalgia PowerPoint Template

An apple, an acorn, coffee in a mug placed on a rustic table might not seem like much of a Christmas theme but interestingly, the Animated Christmas Nostalgia PowerPoint Template makes good use of all of the aforementioned. This Christmas PowerPoint template gives a number of slide designs to help you make Christmas presentations using different attractive themes, with unique and interesting layouts.

Attractive Rustic Table Layout

This template has multiple Christmas themes, with one being that of a rustic table with an apple, acorn and coffee mug. This theme also has overlay placeholders which load in animated form with a Christmas message that you can customize.


The rustic table theme further comes with a number of variations, with different sample slides loading with a slightly altered design. You can make use of these slides for making Christmas presentations with a hint of your own creative sense.


The rustic table layout changes dramatically as you proceed with the sample slides, with one slide depicting a coffee mug with milk, with snowflakes, Santa and reindeer imagery on the right.


Choose Between Multiple Christmas Themes

There are also red and green Christmas themes within this template that provide different layouts for you to add your content. Basically, the backdrop of all these themes is still the rustic table, with an overlay of red or green color.


Animated and Static Slides

You can easily add or remove content from sample slides, add your own content, as well as redesign slides by recoloring them. The template offers both static and animated slides, where the latter load with pre-defined animation sequences. You can choose to keep either of the two or create slideshows with a mix of both animated and static slides.


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