Anan: PPT File Management Tool

If you are looking for a reliable PPT file management tool, then Anan can be a helpful service. This cloud based service lets you search, retrieve and publish your PowerPoint presentation files in real time so you can share PPT online.

anan ppt file management tool

How this works? If you are having hard time locating your PowerPoint presentations, slides and content, Anan helps you to search through all your PowerPoint files to locate the one presentation or slide that you need now in one search based on a keyword search. You no longer need to rifle through your computers workspaces or drives thanks to the the search through the your presentations at once.

Once you found what you were looking for Anan lets you decide what to include in a new presentation including the whole presentation with all the slides or just a subset of the selected slides, which is helpful for example if you just need to get a few slides from a large PowerPoint PPT file.
You can cut and paste content into a new slide or select a slide in its finished state and place into a new presentation. Using Anan you can also select the slides you want to publish and Anan will create a new presentation for you based on the selected slides. It is easy

Currently there is a free plan available, that includes a Free personal account with up to 50Mb of storage and private cloud security. You can also get customer support and support for PowerPoint® versions 2007 and 2010.

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