Add images as placeholder in PowerPoint templates

This article will explain how we can add an image placeholder in PowerPoint in the same way we do with text using Lorem Ipsum strings. The difference here is that we will use images instead of text.

There is a free service named Lorempixel that let us generate free images as placeholder. Using the service is free and this tutorial will explain how we can use the image service in our PowerPoint presentations.

First, we need to open Lorempixel and learn about the URLs and generated images.

Placeholder PowerPoint Template

If we read the url section we can learn that the images are generated passing some parameters like the height, width and topic. We can also choose the category and color or grey options.

So, let’s open PowerPoint and in the placeholder area for this layout, we will insert a placeholder image.

Placeholder PowerPoint Template

Click on the Picture link (right box) and then insert the URL of the generated image. For example, this URL:



Placeholder PowerPoint Template

Now, click Open and the image will be retrieved and displayed in your slide. You can do this step multiple times since a new image will be generated every time.

Placeholder PowerPoint Template

Finally, we got a nice placeholder image with the size we specified and generating a new high quality image every new time we refresh the PPT. This can be very helpful for Microsoft PowerPoint template designers as well as company employees looking for a way to display placeholder in their presentations during the PPT design process.