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Learn the best techniques to make effective PowerPoint presentations in public speaking as well as how to eliminate common barriers during public speaking presentations. Read some of the most famous speeches and quotes used in persuasive speech topics by notable people.

How Technology Have Changed the Presentations & Meetings [Infographic]

How Technology Have Changed the Presentations & Meetings [Infographic] Technology is advancing too fast. Nowadays, it is quite difficult for many to imagine a world without these technology advanced. For business professionals, technology have changed a lot, including the communications, how professionals manage the companies or how presentations are being delivered. In the past, presentations …

Pitch Decks That Created Successful Companies

Whether you are a startup looking to raise capital or a successful business willing to expand your market, the chances are you will need a powerful pitch deck to attract investors. A pitch deck is a presentation to pitch your ideas to investors, customers, partners, etc.

Make Your Stand-up Presentations Standout

A stand-up meeting is a meeting in which attendees typically participate while standing. Normally, the purpose of a stand-up meeting is to keep the meeting short as it may generate discomfort for the attendees and the presenter. Stand-up meetings are used in many scenarios, for instance the “daily stand-up” from Extreme Programming, recommended participants stand up to encourage keeping the …

Mentimeter: A Free Audience Response System


The best way to make your audience interact with you during a presentation is to use polls. A good audience response system can help you instantly gather feedback before, during or after a presentation and may even help you determine the mood of the audience when delivering your presentation. This might help adjust the topic …

What Not To Do While Giving A Presentation

While giving a presentation there are a lot of things that one needs to take into account in order to give a presentation that is not only successful but also immensely popular amongst the people. A presentation given the right way makes sure that you either persuade the audience for an opinion change or strengthen …

Importance Of Persuasive Speech For Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has one thing in common, the element of persuasiveness, the power to convince someone and gain their trust, make them feel secure about an idea. Not everyone has the inborn talent to convince people but the best thing about talents is that they can be acquired over a period of time if you …

Tips To Present Like Famous Presenters

The greatest presenters in the world in recent history have been coming in from the famous technology sector like Steve Jobs, Scott Harrison and the legendary Gary Vaynerchuck. They have all made speeches that have not only been impactful but have taken the power of presentations to the next level by moving people emotionally to tears.

Basics Of Using Templates To Make Your Presentations

using templates for presentations

A presentation is not just about a slideshow stuffed with information, a presenter blabbering a relative speech to an uninterested audience. Presentations are one of the most effective ways of making an impression, if designed right it can turn out to be one of the biggest advantages for any individual.

How To Conquer Stage Fright

There are many of us who write the most amazing speeches and presentations and are very confident about them until the time to go on stage comes and the closer it comes the worse it gets, the jitters increase and the nerves keep tensing up. There may be a lot of us who have major stage …

Tackling The Q&A: An Integral Part Of Speeches

One of the most amazing endings to a speech is a successful Q&A round. This isn’t too hard when it comes to the answers but only if you have done your homework well enough! There are a few things that one needs to do while answering questions that will help him make the presentation come …

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