List Of Ideas And Topics For A Persuasive Speech

Presenting a persuasive speech can be a difficult task to achieve, especially due to the sensitive nature of the topics you have to speak on. Plus, it can stir up quite the hornet’s nest as it can lead to a lot of people getting upset. But if you want to influence people then you have to understand the topic that you are speaking on well enough before you can start convincing people.

ideas and topics for a persuasive speech

Apart from this, coming up with ideas and topics for a persuasive speech can be quite a task! So here are a few ideas and topic suggestions.

  • Existence of Aliens
  • The Need for Gun Control
  • Should Gay Marriage be abolished/legalized?
  • Should Marijuana be made legal?
  • Abolishment of Capital Punishment
  • Why invest in Space Technology?
  • Legalizing Steroids for Athletes
  • Compulsory Military Training
  • Increasing Tax Spending to Alleviate Poverty
  • The Need for Strict Action against Bullies
  • Obese People should Purchase 2 Tickets on an Airplane
  • Should Piracy be legalized?
  • Promoting Veganism
  • Cigarettes should be Banned
  • Paying Kids for Good Grades
  • Drunk Driving should be Penalized more Heavily
  • Is Space Exploration a Useless Expenditure?
  • Increasing (or decreasing) Tax Rates
  • Should nations refrain from Fighting Foreign Wars?
  • Should there be a Road Congestion Charge in Big Cities?
  • Why Keep Fit?
  • Electric Cars: Death Traps or the Way to the Future?
  • Making Helmets Mandatory for Motorbike and Bike Riders
  • Are Psychic Powers Real?
  • Should all Schools Conduct Open Book Tests?
  • Why Invest in Solar Power?
  • Donating Blood Should be made Compulsory
  • Should Humans Colonize Mars?
  • Should Education be Made Free for Everyone?
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Using E-books instead of Text Books

As you can see that these topics might seem easy or even childish, but a deeper look will show you that speaking on them would involve you to think about them at length and trying to get your point across to your audience won’t be easy.

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