Best Football Clipart For PowerPoint

Best football clipart

Many of you might be tuned into the UEFA European Championship, rooting for your favourite teams. Sometimes when something gets someone really excited, it’s not a bad idea to bring your enthusiasm to your presentations. For example, you might be a teacher with die hard soccer fans in your class or a business professional who […]

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PhET PowerPoint Add-in Provides Free Science & Math Simulations

Interactive html5 simulations

Explaining scientific and mathematical concepts in the classroom is one thing but what if you can display interactive models which change as you select certain options? PhET is a PowerPoint add-in available at the Office Store, which provides a set of scientific and mathematical simulations that can be great for class lectures and for students […]

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How To Insert A Plus Minus Character In PowerPoint


The plus or minus character is a mathematical symbol and it can have different meanings depending on the context.  The plus-minus character can be inserted in any document and also in the PowerPoint slides.  Normally, this sign can be used to indicate the confidence interval or a range of values that are considered to be acceptable. If you […]

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4th Of July Photo Album Template For Word


The 4th of July is a special occasion where friends and family gather together to celebrate a special day for the country. Often, a 4th of July party includes a cookout and watching fireworks together. Such memories are meant to be treasured and kept for a lifetime.

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Ultimate Presentation Slide Bundle For PowerPoint

Slide Bundle PowerPoint Pack

Regardless of what level of hierarchy you might be at the corporate ladder, the chances are you will be expected to give a presentation at some point in time. This might be anything from a mere overview of your progress on a project to a comprehensive presentation about a financial quarter or perhaps even an […]

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Cutout Artistic Effect PowerPoint Template

Cutout artistic effects PowerPoint templat

You can create your own templates or you can also make use of the ones available for PowerPoint presentations here on our site. Either way, to make your presentations truly stand out, you need to make use of different artistic effects and elements. For a more engaging and interesting presentation, you can use the Cutout Artistic Effect PowerPoint […]

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5 Best Product Management Tools

Best product management tools

Product management is a complex and costly process which entails planning the intricate details tied to a product and how it may be valuable for an organization. The stages of product management involve everything from drawing board tasks to product launch. To weave together these complex puzzle pieces, you can use various product management tools.

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Horizontal Family Tree Chart Template For PowerPoint

Free family-tree-chart-powerpoint-template

Tracing your family tree can be a lot of work. It can also be hard to show your relationships as well as to fill in the blank spaces in your family tree if you don’t have any form of visual aid. To help you display and fill out your very own family tree beautifully and […]

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Free Family Reunion PowerPoint Template


Family Reunions are rare but very special for the whole family, including extended family members. It’s a time when people come together to reconnect and celebrate the fact that they are one family.

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Animated Product Pipeline PowerPoint Template

Animated product pipeline illustration

It is believed that every product at some point in time has to decline and fade away. The product lifecycle has five stages which define the product’s life as introduction, growth, maturity, saturation and decline. This is why companies have products in the pipeline. These are products in development or intermediate stage, even at different […]

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