Shopping List Cost Calculator Template For Excel Online


Ever went shopping only to find yourself overspending on things you don’t really need and still having to go back to the store to buy the things that you actually do need? Well, this is because you probably don’t have a shopping list. Having a shopping list not only ensures you get all the things you need, […]

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NormanZ Numbering Add-In Automatically Links Numbered Lists Between Slides & Shapes

Link shapes in PoerPoint

There are often small annoyances within applications which take up a large chunk of our time and PowerPoint is no exception. The automatic numbering feature of PowerPoint for instance, isn’t all that flexible. Things become even more complicated when you require depicting a number sequence between multiple slides; or in the case of diagrams, multiple […]

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Free Project Plan PowerPoint Template

Free project plan PowerPoint template

When you’re pitching a deck to a potential investor or want to present a plan for a project before a client, you might need to make a slide deck which lists down your project plan. The Free Project Plan PowerPoint Template gives a step by step guide to help you make a project plan with […]

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Animated Rent PowerPoint Template

Animated rent PowerPoint template

Some topics aren’t very easy to cover in the form of PowerPoint slides and real estate is one of them. This is mainly because there is a lack of good real estate themed templates available, since it’s not a topic as common as education, finance, politics, economics, etc. This is why we brought you a […]

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Free Business Financial Report PowerPoint Template

Business financial report PowerPoint template

Financial reports often require interpretation in the form of a presentation. One might have to present important details about quarterly performance, financial forecasts or other important bits of information regarding the finances of an organization. The Free Business Financial Report PowerPoint Template gives a radiant blue background design with a collection of eight sample slides […]

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Free Animated Snow PowerPoint Template

Free animated snow template for PowerPoint

Every once in a while one comes across free PowerPoint templates which provide something exceptional. This might be an animation, a well-matched color tone or some nice clipart which gels quite well with specific topics. The Free Animated Snow Scene PowerPoint Template depicts a snowy landscape, with the animation of flying snowflakes.

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Create Flashcards To Conduct Study Sessions With Flashcard Machine

Flashcard machine

Flashcards can help you better prepare for your exams and to memorize important bits of information. Fortunately, we need not to waste paper anymore, since we can make use of digital flashcards which can be randomly displayed to us to test our knowledge. Flashcard Machine is a website where you can create flashcard sets for […]

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ABCYA Animate Lets Children Create Animations From Drawings

Frame by frame animation maker

ABCYa is a fun website for children which provides different types of games to help children learn new things. There are a number of interesting games for kindergarten and elementary school children and one of them is ABCYa Animate. This web app gives a whiteboard like space for children to draw, add images and text […]

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Best Medical Clipart For PowerPoint

Best medical clipart for PowerPoint

If you’re engaged in the medical field or are a student who needs to make presentations related to hospitals, medical procedures, health and well-being, you might want to use some medical clipart to make your presentations more eye-catching. Here is a list of some of the best medical clipart for PowerPoint to help you make […]

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Man Climbing Stack Of Books PowerPoint Template

Custom text video animation with man climbing book stack

Figure Climbing Book Stack is the name of a video background template by Presenter Media which depicts a man climbing stack of books. This PowerPoint animation has two versions, including one with custom text.

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