3D SWOT PowerPoint Template


We have previously reviewed a number of SWOT PowerPoint Templates. SWOT analysis templates for PowerPoint make it easier to create a diagram depicting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats tied to a venture or organization, without the need to create a new slide design from scratch. The 3D SWOT PowerPoint Template is yet another awesome …

Monosnap: Free Versatile Screen Capture Tool For Mac And PC


There are a plethora of screen capture tools, many available for free. However, there are very few good screen grabbing tools that provide a comprehensive set of all kinds of features that can help you avoid installing multiple applications for performing different tasks like making screencasts, taking screenshots, annotating screen grabs, and backing your screen …

Animated Hanging Ornaments PowerPoint Template


If you want a PowerPoint template with hanging Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, with a Christmas tree design, then the Animated Hanging Ornaments PowerPoint Template is just what you need. This animated presentation template comes with elegantly made slides which are perfect for making presentations related to Christmas or the Holiday Season in general.

Animated Design Your Words PowerPoint Template


If you want to give out a subliminal message to your audience or wish to emphasize the need for a specific call to action, you might want to use a presentation template that can help make your message stand out. Animated Design Your Words PowerPoint Template is a presentation template which gives a word cloud …

Free Security PowerPoint Template


When it comes to securing sensitive data, the slightest bit of negligence can be costly. Then there are loopholes that can get unexpectedly exploited by malicious sources. This is why many organizations use strict security measures to protect valuable data. If you’re looking for a free security PowerPoint template to talk about topics like cyber …

Animated Target Goal PowerPoint Template


Achieving those quarterly targets can be tough but what can be even harder is to display them in the form of reports that an audience can quickly understand. This is why it is important to create the kind of presentations that can enable you to quickly reveal important statistics for subordinates, coworkers, and senior management. …

Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template


You might want to highlight some buzzwords in the title slide or to create a layout where certain words our highlighted throughout the presentation. The Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template gives an editable slide deck where you can highlight certain buzzwords. the template provides an editable megaphone illustration with some words coming out of it. You …

Animated PESTLE Analysis Presentation Template For PowerPoint


A PESTLE analysis is used to scan various factors of interest for formulating strategic and marketing plans. Formerly, this analysis was called a PEST analysis, however, over a period of time, two additional elements were added to create what’s now called a PESTLE analysis. The Animated PESTLE Analysis Presentation Template for PowerPoint gives very attractive, …

What is Business Intelligence?


Business intelligence enables organizations to dig deep into raw data to make it more meaningful. Business intelligence is quite a heavily invested field, and many businesses spend a huge amount of money to gain meaningful analytics to resolve business problems and boost sales. Let’s take a look at what is business intelligence and how can …

Free Research And Development PowerPoint Template


Each year companies spend millions of dollars on research and development. R&D is an essential aspect for many businesses around the globe, since it can help develop new products and processes that can be profitable for organizations. Furthermore, R&D can make production more sustainable, and in some cases, more environmentally friendly. The Free Research and …

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