Business Communication PowerPoint Template

Free business Communication PowerPoint template

When it comes to business communication, you always have to keep in mind that what you’re writing should be clear, concise, and professional. You have to be straightforward with what you have to say, in order to save yourself and your readers time. Additionally, business communication must be presented in a courteous and diplomatic way […]

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5 Best Tools To Record Skype Video Calls

Best tools to record Skype video calls

Recording Skype video calls can help keep a copy of official communication for later reference. Some Skype video calls might even be helpful in making video presentations, as some demonstrative procedures could be recorded during a screen sharing session or an online presentation. Even people who use Skype for personal use might want to record […]

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Record Skype Calls With SuperTinTin

Open recorded Skype calls

Whether you use Skype for online meetings, remote presentations or personal use, you might want to record Skype calls. This might be to provide a copy of your communication (with a client) to your senior management, to keep a copy of your communication for future reference, or maybe to record precious moments when interacting with loved […]

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Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails With Stats Using Mixmax


Many businesses send marketing emails on a regular basis. It can be hard to track what result (if any) those emails have. Many people might find the emails unwanted or inadequate, even if they signed up for your newsletter. This is why it’s important to know which of your shared content is gaining attention. You […]

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Engage Students With Collaborative Learning Journals With Seesaw


Sometimes the blackboard or projector just seems too far away. Not just because you might be sitting too far behind in class but also because you might not be all that interested in what the teacher is teaching. PowerPoint lectures have become quite lifeless over the years and seldom do we come across a teacher […]

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Share Digital PowerPoint Handouts With Your Audience Via Web With SlideFlight

SlideFlight add-in for sharing PowerPoint digital handouts

Sharing PowerPoint handouts with an audience can help them keep track of content within your slides and to better understand your presentation. However, printing handouts can be both laborious and wasteful; especially if you have a large number of people in your audience to cater to. Sharing digital handouts instead can be a more effective […]

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Animated Best Education PowerPoint Template

Best education PowerPoint template

It can be safely assumed that when it comes to delivering class lectures, millions of teachers around the globe use PowerPoint. This also creates the need for educational PowerPoint templates that can help prevent students from falling asleep during class lectures. Animated Best Education PowerPoint Template is an educational presentation template which can help teachers […]

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Create & Play Educational Games To Learn New Concepts With Kahoot


You might be a teacher looking to teach new concepts to a bored class suffering from Death by PowerPoint. Or perhaps you’re a trainer at an organization who wants to ensure that new employees are well aware of the corporate culture of the company. While PowerPoint is an excellent presentation tool, it can be hard to […]

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Diamond Grid Design Business PowerPoint Template


When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, the trend now is to be subtle, clean, minimal, and to make your content the star of the show, so to speak. It is important to still keep things concise while still highlighting the main ideas behind every slide.

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Free Sales Proposal PowerPoint Template


You may have the best product or service, but if you don’t know how to sell it to your potential customers, then you won’t be getting any revenue. By creating a sales proposal, you not only tell a potential client about your company and what your product or service is about, you may also be […]

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