Which Date Works For You

At times, planning a date to hold a meeting or conference with friends may be challenging. But now, with the introduction of new software apps like WhichDateWorks.com have been developed that are aimed at helping people to figure out best possible time at which they can plan a meeting.

One of the major advantages of this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost. You just need to click on the website and download the program without any hassle.

Moreover, you can use this tool even without making any prior registration. Besides this, you can gain benefits by registering here which are being enlisted.

  • Complete list of all your recent plans.
  • Entire list of all the invitations received by you.
  • Personal address book containing list of all the contact to enhance the invitation for next meeting plan.

Most importantly, you can acquire details about recent updates and features being added into this magnificent tool.

Planning a meeting is very simple. You just need to follow the steps listed below

Make a Plan

Initially, people need to name their plan and provide a few relevant details like name of the place, venue, and suggested time for the meeting.

Add Recipients Mail Address

Those who have already registered with WhichDateWorks.com, will be in a beneficial situation as they just need to import their contacts from previously registered list of contacts. There are some people who do not want to register. No need to panic! Simply type email addresses of the recipient and invite them for the meeting.

Members can choose a date of their convenience and tick right mark on the calendar. On the other hand if the date does not suit them, they can mark a cross.

View the Dates

Users can check everyone’s response at a glance. This will present a rough idea of the present working situation that would help in deciding an appropriate date suitable to maximum number of people and finalize a plan.

Keep Track of Plans

All the registered users will get an access to their “recent plan” page which would enable them to keep a track of all their plans, invent new plans and hold a meeting.

Even if you missed out an important contact while sending request, you can always add the same with the help of edit or resend option whichever is more suitable.

If you are new to this app and have received an invitation link, firstly click on link. It will direct you to a calendar. Then figure out a date by selecting a suitable option and your task is completed. There are many other simple tools such as whatweekoftheyearisit.com that will tell you simply what is the week of the year.

How simple it is to use this app. Subscribe to WhichDateWorks.com and plan a meeting today. This planning tool is another free planning and productivity application that we can use as an alternative to other tools like TimeAndDate.