Using Zoho Viewer to View Excel Spreadsheets Online

Zoho Sheets is a free online service that you can use to create and edit spreadsheets. This is part of the Zoho suite of programs and it is a free alternative to other spreadsheets including the popular MS Office Excel.

Zoho Sheets lets you open Excel files online easily and you can import the existing Excel spreadsheets including all rich information like formulas, charts, etc. Zoho Sheet Viewer is a free alternative to other Excel Viewers and Office products. For example, if we have an important report that we want to share with colleagues that do not have Office installed, then we can share the link to the Zoho Sheets version.

How to view Excel Files online with Zoho?

First, you need to access in your web page.

Now, look for the Upload button and here you can specify the path to your Excel file (xls or xlsx file formats). Then, click on View online.

Alternatively you can use the Zoho API to view any file hosted online. In order to use the Zoho API to open Excel online you can use the following URL[&name=newName]

Notice that url parameter should be changed to the url where you have the Excel spreadsheet publicly available and name value will be changed by the name you want to use for the spreadsheet. This name parameter is optional.

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