Using Selection Pane in PowerPoint for Mac

Selection Pane is a very powerful productivity tool for PowerPoint users. Until now, this feature was only available on Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, however this has been changed. The new PowerPoint version for Mac (PowerPoint 15.18) rolled this new feature for OSX users, too.

Now, Mac users can start using Selection Pane in PowerPoint to re-arrange the shapes used in a PowerPoint slide, make certain shape visible or hidden, or change the shape names.


What is the Selection Pane? It is a pane available in PowerPoint that helps to keep track of all the components used on a slide (shapes, objects or text placeholders). The Selection Pane is extremely useful when there are multiple components on a slide and all these components are stacked on top of each other. Using the selection pane, you can:

  • Re-arrange components (slides, text placeholders or objects).
  • Change the component visibility.
  • Rename the component name.


To access the Selection Pane option, go to Shape Format menu and then look for Selection Pane button. Clicking this button, the selection pane will be opened at the right side of the slide.


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