Tips and ideas for overcoming weaknesses, be it weaknesses as a presenter or when planning your career path. This section also offers posts that provide reviews for templates that can help you make more effective documents for official use.

Is Delivering A Persuasive Speech Giving You Cold Feet?

Sweaty palms and weak knees mark the foundation of performance jitters and never for a second does your mind feel at peace. The thought of ruining your speech is actually what leads to its demise. Overcoming nervousness is an art that many of us have heard of but only a few have learned to master.

How To Join A Toastmasters Club To Improve Communication And Public Speaking Skills?

Public speaking and communication skills are for some people a difficult obstacle to cross. Many of us are likely to face the dilemma of not having enough confidence to present an opinion or idea. Some overcome this fear early in school days while others can end up being ‘too shy’ for a good part of …

How To Make An Appealing Impromptu Speech?

Rarely does anything give so many people anxiety attacks than delivering a speech. But delivering an impromptu speech is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people. Chiefly because it involves people coming up on stage without any prior preparation and delivering a speech! Imagine that!

Free Career Planning Checklist Template for Excel 2013

This is a free Career Planning Checklist Template for Excel 2013 that you can use to make a checklist for your career planning presentations or needs. You can use this template for career development plans as well as prepare the next career. Data bars using Excel 2013 help visualize the path while tables make it …