How to Add YouTube Videos to Excel Spreadsheets


Microsoft Office Excel has been around for quite some time as a popular spreadsheet application. From schools to businesses, it’s been widely used as a tool for storing data and all sorts of formulas. It’s also popular for analyzing and presenting quantitative information that can be used with other Office products such as Word and …

Comment Bubble: Get Feedback For The Best & Worst Parts Of Your Videos

Many people use YouTube channels to market products, showcase their talents, to make video tutorials and guides about things that interest them. Audience feedback usually comes in the form of a ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ or via rude comments from trolls.

How To Download Videos From YouTube

YouTube is the most famous video streaming website, however it does not provide any native option to download videos. While users can easily get an embed code and use the URL of the YouTube video to add videos to a blog or PowerPoint presentation, the same cannot be said for downloading them. This is why …

Embed Prezi in PowerPoint With SlideDynamic PowerPoint Addin

SlideDynamic PowerPoint Add-in is a MS PowerPoint add-in for embedding Prezi in PowerPoint, including both online and offline Prezis. For those of you who are unaware of Prezi, it is a cloud based presentation platform with a zooming canvas. In previous posts we have covered a lot of Prezi related topics, including Prezi Templates, Converting …