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iSpring Suite: Create Interactive eLearning Courses in PowerPoint

iSpring Suite 10 Presentation Software for creating online courses

PowerPoint has always had the potential to be more than just a presentation app. Even before third-party integrations started supercharging PowerPoint, people began using it for class lessons, video presentations, courses and to conduct quizzes. Over the years, many native features and third-party services have helped integrate features that have made PowerPoint even more powerful. …

Personalize and Create Video Presentations with Knovio

Knovio Video Demo

Many presentation professionals struggle with putting their vision into reality. Their creativity may know no bounds, but it all becomes a source of frustration when they can’t translate it clearly and accurately in their presentations and communications materials. Knovio is an advanced tool that you can use to create video presentations.

Increase Presentation Efficiency With PowerPoint 2010 Power Shortcuts Training

In order to master the art of using a computer based application or operating system, one must be aware of its shortcuts. These shortcuts may include knowledge of various features that can enhance your productivity, including; hotkeys, easier methods of using specific features and workarounds to laborious tasks. Previously, we brought you a review of …