Table of Content

Find articles related to Table of Contents. In this article you can learn how to create table of contents in PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to include all the relevant information about your document or presentation.

How to Make a Table of Equations in Word

Insert Caption for Equations

If you’re writing a research paper or a thesis, or any technical paper, your document may have several equations that you need to organize. After all, when it comes to this kind of writing, you must be organized, and this also means including references and, in the case of online formats, clickable links. Therefore, it’s …

Employment Handbook Template For Word

For every business organization, employees need to have a handbook where they would base their policies, procedures, behavior and work ethics. Employee handbooks are a small investment with great returns when it comes to employee morale, performance, behavior, and obedience and response to standards and protocols.  It enables both parties to meet eye to eye, …