How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

Professional Resignation Letter

While some people resign to pursue better career opportunities, others leave because of their dissatisfaction at the workplace. While one can be hasty or a bit careless in writing a resignation letter, it can have consequences for your future career prospects. Your resignation letter becomes a part of your professional file at your place of …

Sample PivotTable Report For Excel

Generate a PivotTable Report from Hundreds of Data

PivotTables are interactive tables that can help you with worksheets containing huge amounts of data. You can use a PivotTable to organize, summarize, sort and extract data. Reports and analysis make use of PivotTables in order to determine relationships, spot trends or patterns, and make comparisons.

Last Slide in a PowerPoint Presentation

The last slide in a PowerPoint presentation is not least important than other slides. Moreover, normally the last slide in a PowerPoint PPT presentation is the slide that remains the most time visible for example when presenter is ready for questions from the audience or a debate is generated at the end of a PowerPoint …

Beyond Bullet Points Book

Beyond Bullet Points – “Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Presentations That Inform, Motivate, and Inspire” is the name of this book that The book covers different topics but it is focused to explain the reader how to avoid boring, bullet-riddled slides and unlock the amazing story buried in your presentation. The communications expert Cliff Atkinson (author …