Organize Your Desk Animated PowerPoint Template

If you want to make slides using unconventional out of the box thinking, then it might suit you to use layouts that have more realistic graphics. With such layouts you can aim to give an informal feel to your presentation and try to reach out to your audience on a personal level.

Old Paper PowerPoint Template


Some presentations require a sleek modern look while some may be more effectively presented in a way that is more organic, natural, and even rough. For cases like this, you may want to use the Old Paper PowerPoint Template, which features soft-deckled edges of handmade paper in subtle shades of dark and olive green.

Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template

The Animated Office & Schoolwork PowerPoint Template depicts corkboard slide layouts with an animation of a jumping push pin. The slides present different corkboard slide designs with placeholders in fonts which seem more close to real-life text written using a ballpen or marker.

MLA Style Paper Template For Word With MLA Guidelines And Instructions

Describe Photos in Your Research in MLA Style

Just as chefs have their certain specialties, or just like how people from different places dress a certain way, writers also have their own conventions and they also follow certain styles. The MLA (Modern Language Association) Style is a method of writing research papers that fall under certain areas of Humanities, such as composition and …

Use The Origami Effect To Perfect Your PowerPoint Presentations

Origami in many ways is a unique and perfect mode of expression, where a small piece of paper is folded to create something wonderful. However, as we are moving away from the use of paper in favor of electronic screens (I still like paper more), you can bring the Origami effect to your presentations by …

5 Overlooked Resume Presentation Factors

Don’t ever neglect the importance of presentation. Studies show that up to 98% of the time, a good resume presentation plays a crucial role in getting your desired job. Your resume must impress your recruiter in just 3 seconds. Since, it is a snapshot of your achievements and employment history. To make a great impression! …