Learn how to optimize your PowerPoint files to enhance performance of your installed version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Optimization of PowerPoint slides can also help you avoid embarrassing hangs and other types of playback issues.


How to Optimize an Animated GIF

adjust colors for gif

We have previously covered a number of GIF animations for PowerPoint presentations. We also showed methods for creating GIF animations from presentations and to record screencasts in GIF format. However, GIF animations can be quite heavy and might take a lot of time to load in a presentation or on a webpage. There are a number …

Media Size and Performance in PowerPoint 2010

When saving PowerPoint presentations you may be interested to keep the presentation and media content optimized. Keeping the .ppt file size reduced to save disk space may be a goal for many presenters that need to share the presentation online but also for professional presenters who really takes seriously the performance and optimization options. In PowerPoint …